In our Center, you will find the comprehensive support for foreigners stay legalization and labor in Poland. We are specialized in the quick obtainment of temporary stay permit, obtainment of permanent residence permit, as well as support of employees and employers in obtainment of labor permits. We help in overcoming any bureaucracy barriers, being recognized by our knowledge and effectiveness.

We provide over services in Wrocław and in the whole  Dolnośląskie Voivodship, offering also support in other regions of Poland. You arrived to Poland and don’t know what formalities you should pass. What should you do if you have no information about the legalization of your stay and labor? What should you do to overcome the bureaucracy difficulties? Or, maybe, you are the employer, and face the difficulties with the labor permits for your employees? Visit us.

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TEMPORARY STAY PERMIT – You arrived to work, study, want to attend the school in Poland, or just wish to stay in Poland for other reasons? We will solve this issue.

STAY PERMIT FOR THE PERMANENT EU COUNTRY RESIDENT – Do you want to remain in Poland for longer? It’s possible. We know how and when it should be done.

PERMANENT RESIDENCE PERMIT – Do you want to remain in Poland as a permanent resident? We will help you also with this.

EUROPEAN UNION CITIZENS STAY REGISTRATION – You are a citizen of EU member country, and don’t know how you should formalize your residence in Poland? We will do this instead of you.

REGISTRATION OF STAY OF EUROPEAN UNION CITIZENS FAMILY MEMBERS – You are the EU country citizen family member, and do not know what you should do to formalize your long-term stay in Poland? We will do this instead of you.


Do you want to employ the staff from other country? You don’t know what formalities and where should be dealt with? Or, maybe, you simply have no time to waste for this, as every good businessman knows the time is money. We will handle this instead of you.

LABOR PERMITS – A ,B, C, D, E Types. – For the foreigners from all over the world.

The simplified procedure for the citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia – the employees from the Eastern Europe are very good labor force, and they are also the very good specialists in many cases. Another advantage is the absence of language barrier.

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